Saturday, January 21, 2006

Johnny Bravo?

When the Sketchclub executives made their mark, special Sketchclub guest Armand Serrano remarked, "Who? Johnny Bravo over there?" That's exactly what this guy looked like ... sans the muscles of course. Boy, whadda head of hair!



Mark McDonnell said...

Great cheezy grin.


Henry Elmo Bawden said...

Sweet mark Moe. If he had a black jacket he would look like someone out of Grease. The blog is looking good too. You guys need to put out a book of the sketchclub caricatures. I bet Bud Plant would distribute. Anyways, it's looking great. Take care.

Sketch Club said...

Thanks guys. I was curious to see what the others would draw ... but I think I'm the only one that's going to post for this mark.

Stephen Silver had talked about putting together a book about our Sketchclub subjects. Now that Stephen has left the Studio, we'll have to wait and see what we end up doing with our sketches.