Monday, April 12, 2010

The Football, I mean Pug

I'm much happier with my pug than the quick "scene" I attempted to put together. I was aiming to do this really fast but it ended up taking an hour just like the last time I recorded myself with the "Shades of Brown" girl. Did play with a new brush in Photoshop though and I really like it so it's a very good day! :]
I'm just going to end on, Dogs are AMAZING! I love them :]

Did another Camtasia recording of the process, uploaded to Vimeo
Also to see my sketches from the dog park they're located on my blog

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sketchclub at the Dog Park!

Sketchclub management booked us at the local dog park instead of our usual restaurant spot. I've never been to a dog park before, and learned that a dog park is divided into two parks -- one for big dogs, and one for big wimpy dogs and little dogs.

I went into the large dog area figuring the larger dogs would be easier to draw, but I soon learned my interest kept straying my eyes towards the wimpy and small dog section.

Small dogs are pure comedy! In part because I felt like I could finally understand them -- it helped that Kendra gave me a play by play commentary on what they were thinking. (Is there no limit to her talents?!)

As we were leaving we made our mark, a dog that (in my opinion) was so fat he had changed his species! He didn't have a red ball in his mouth, but if he did he'd look just like a roasted pig.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Emo Boy

Aww, he needs a hug...

Lia x