Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sketchclub at the Dog Park!

Sketchclub management booked us at the local dog park instead of our usual restaurant spot. I've never been to a dog park before, and learned that a dog park is divided into two parks -- one for big dogs, and one for big wimpy dogs and little dogs.

I went into the large dog area figuring the larger dogs would be easier to draw, but I soon learned my interest kept straying my eyes towards the wimpy and small dog section.

Small dogs are pure comedy! In part because I felt like I could finally understand them -- it helped that Kendra gave me a play by play commentary on what they were thinking. (Is there no limit to her talents?!)

As we were leaving we made our mark, a dog that (in my opinion) was so fat he had changed his species! He didn't have a red ball in his mouth, but if he did he'd look just like a roasted pig.



Kendra Melton said...

Ahahahaha he turned out AMAZING!!! You should draw more of these crazy dogs, they're too fun!

What can I say I guess everyone has a little dog psychic in them ;P

JenniS said...

love it - can just imagine his voice too. Hard to write that bit down though...but it's in my head!

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