Friday, May 26, 2006

Dog Taking a Girl for a Walk

Last week it was jus' me'n'Seth again, and it was a bright sunny day in Culver City. Some interesting characters to choose from at the end...Some on bikes going too fast, but this pair wandered by and we both thought, "Yeah, this is it." First dog in the Sketch Club?

-T. Dan

Thursday, May 18, 2006

As a rookie to the sketch club, I was trying to keep up with the ol' veteran Seth. I had fun sketchin' the customers, the waitresses, the cashiers, the busboys. And then at the end we spotted this character. The suit must've looked quite dapper when he bought it 25 years ago. I believe he knew he was being observed, hence a double helping of scowling was applied.
-T. Dan

Another Old Guy

One might start to wonder if I have been a one-man sketch club as of late, but this is not the case! T-Dan Hofstedt joined me this week. He's an amazing animator, caricature artist, designer, illustrator, story-board artist and more. Hopefully we'll be seeing some of his work up here soon. It was a pleasure sketching with him. This "mark" that we picked out was a great character, with such a strong jaw line, we couldn't pass him up!