Saturday, January 14, 2006

In Like Flint?

This older gentleman had a little of that James Coburn thing going: rugged, slim, with a shock of white hair. Here's the set up ... Noelle and I spotted him as he was talking with his wife outside the theater, then he turned and walked up to the ticket booth. That was when I took my mental snapshot, "CLICK." He had a peculiar walk as he hurriedly waddled from side to side on his bow legs; he was probably thinking, "I've gotta see that King Kong again!"



stephen Silver said...

brilliant, Mo.

Sketch Club said...

Thanks Stephen!

Sketchclub just isn't the same without you. I was looking at all those familar faces at Daphnes, and all I kept seeing in my mind were the caricatures you drew of them. There was the skinny uptight bald guy with the bird-like beak nose, and the fat little guy with the crazy hair and spectacles, and the two old guys that always eat lunch together. It seemed like all the faces reminded me of your sketches of them.


Alina Chau said...

Nice character design!

David Colman said...

absolutely fantabulous!!!!!
I think I am going home and sticking a gun in my mouth....

arvindh said...

Hats off to the sketchclub! Went through your work and was very impressed. Looking forward to seeing more.


Mark McDonnell said...

Love it Marcelo. We're trying to make you guys proud. I was sad to hear that Steven was leaving, but I think he will be a part of what you guys started but on our side of the hill . . . art continues on!


Don Carson Creative said...

Proof that caricature art fights crime! :

News Item: Picture This: Cartoon Helps Police Identify Burglar in Australia

Published: January 18, 2006

NEW YORK Thieves should avoid cartoonists.

A robber stole the bicycle owned by the grandson of 82-year-old Australian cartoonist Bill "Weg" Green, according to a story in Australia's The Age newspaper. But Green got a good look at the burglar before he fled.

Police officers subsequently visited Green, and they were initially skeptical when the cartoonist offered to draw a picture of the thief.

Fifteen minutes later, the burglar was picked up. "After we had a look at this gentleman in the back of the divvy van, we just couldn't believe how much of a likeness it was to the picture that 'Weg' had drawn," said Senior Constable Aaron Roche, as quoted in The Age. "If anyone ever says 'can I draw the offender,' I'll be handing them a pencil pretty quickly."

Green added: "I have an affinity for faces and I can remember faces even hours after."

Keep up the good work Sketch Club members! You make the streets safer for the rest of us!

~ Don

Sketch Club said...

Wow, Sketchclub Downunder has become a valuable asset in fighting crime! "Good on ya mate!"

Thanks for sharing that story Don. Boy, I'd love to see that sketch ... I wonder if he drew him in the act of stealing the bike. Sometimes it helps to remember the "mark" in an overall context, rather than try and think of all the details.