Friday, December 01, 2006

"Dude in Green" (private colection)

So we decide he -IS- the mark of the day, we all stare at him at a time, real close to get every detail, and what does he do? what -is- his reaction? A little appreciation in the line of,"Oh my god! I'm the mark of the day, etc!!" ??
No way, he looks back at us all suspicious, who knows why, and gets kind of nervous about it. So unprofessional...Really.


Jeremy Spears said...

So sinister, wouldn't want to mess with this guy.

Hey Marcos, How many sketchbooks did you fill up today during lunch? HA


Sketch Club said...

Hey Jeremy, thank for the comment!
All Ok up in north bay?

Anyway, the poor guy didn't know what was going on, he just saw that all of a sudden a big bunch of people armed with markers and sketchpads walked up to where he was in the way out of the restaurant and stared at him making comments to each other... You know, the Sketchclub routine...

All the best!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Good job Marcos! That was certainly what happened. He was trying to figure out, "Why the heck are they looking at me?"

Shuku said...
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Shuku said...


Marcos you evil, evil person I almost had water out my nose because I read that when I was eating dinner!

Tsk. Such unprofessionalism, on your mark's part, didn't he know he was being immortalized?

Seriously though --that poor, poor guy. I don't blame him at all for looking all shifty and nervous. (If a big bunch of people armed with markers and sketchpads walked up to me, I'd go AAAAUGH and promptly grab a saucepan kung-fu style or RUN AWAY!)

It's an absolutely gorgeous picture though...hmmm. You know, is he El Diablo's younger brother? Same kind of sinister 'family resemblance' (only he's green not red)!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Mo!

-Right again Shuku, I hadn't noticed myself but he indeed looks a bit like "el diablo"...

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Just awesome.... what a great sketch... I love the way you finish it off in Photoshop. So inspiring...I want to go and draw!!!