Friday, December 01, 2006


The Sketchclub management picked this guy as our "mark" for our memory sketch as he walked into the restaurant.

From across the restaurant I quickly tried to gather up as much visual information as possible. Then, I stopped to pick up my gear and fill my cup once more at the soda fountain. I turn around and this guy was standing right in front of me!!!

I had a good look at this no one will catch the scar on his left upper eye lid!



Sketch Club said...

(Awwgh!! Forgot the scar!!!)

-Cool "boxer attitude" Mo!

Jeremy Spears said...

SWEEEET!!!! Aww man he looks like a good one

Nice job Marcelo!

Marcelo Vignali said...


Shuku said...

'You lookin' at me? HUH? You lookin' at ME?'

That is WAY cool a picture! (Sorry, he just reminded me of a lazier version of the Goodfeathers...)


Anonymous said...

Hey Marcelo!

I like the bold stroke used in the shadows. I've seen this technique used in a couple comics and it bears it's signature every time used. Well placed! If done carelessly, it can muddy up a picture quickly, but I like how well you controlled it.

I give it two dots and a parenthesis!


Anonymous said...