Friday, October 07, 2005

Oh boy, we had trouble picking this mark. Not because he wasn't a great mark, but rather there were so many to choose from. There was a group of five kids, of which this guy was part of, and an old couple on a bench eating ice cream. Decisions ... decisions! Nonetheless, we settled on this guy, and boy was he fun to draw. I even tried to capture his peach-fuzz moustashe.

Of course the "real" backdrop was your standard Culver City background, but I added a graphitti backdrop because I thought it would look cool.



Don Carson Creative said...

I love your mixed use of rough sketch and Photoshop. It would be great to hear some more about the process you three go through between picking your "mark" and uploading it to the blog.


Sketch Club said...


It's nice to hear from you, I'm glad you like the site.

Sketchclub actually begins during our work lunch as we use that time to draw the patrons standing in line or dining in the restaurant. We draw pages and pages of caricatures and likeness before we even begin to look for our Sketchclub "mark."

After lunch, as we head back to the office, we spot a character of interest (our mark) ... and then try to quickly memorize them without them noticing us ... or without appearing to rudly stare. (That's harder than you would think for three or four people.) In most cases, we have only a few seconds to observe our "mark."

That's right, there is another member of Sketchclub that hasn't wanted to post any of her drawings yet. But ... hopefully we can convince her otherwise.

Then, there's a lot of chuckling as we head back to the office ... usually because we are starting to caricature the mark in our minds. We don't talk about what we're going to do, it's sort of a surprise. Also, once back at the office, we try not to look at the other's drawings until we post them on the blog.

Then, after we've had a look at what the others have done, we have a good laugh, or lament a detail or characteristic we missed. After that ... we begin looking forward to the next Sketchclub lunch.