Thursday, October 20, 2005

If you haven't noticed ... we have a new addition to our Sketchclub posting. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Noelle Triaureau!

Noelle is not new to Sketchclub, she's just new to posting on the blog, and we're hoping she becomes a Sketchclub posting regular. So ... that's where you come in. I'm hoping all of you will welcome Noelle with a comment or two about her sketch ... and about her web site. You have to make time and go to, her paintings are incredible. I have linked her web site to the blog, but in case it takes a while to show up, you can just cut and paste this address.

Noelle is sharing her fabulous talents here at the Sony Pictures Animation studio.

About our subject ... what can I say. Stephen picked 'em, and we drew 'em.


Anonymous said...

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Mark McDonnell said...

Nice push on another style. Great idea, and well executed. Beautiful work as always Marcelo.