Friday, September 16, 2005


This week we have a special guest to Sketchclub ... and hopefully a regular contributer. Please welcome, the talented, Marcos Mateu Mestre!!

Marcos joined the Sony Pictures Animation team all the way from Spain and is currently sharing his talents with the Surf's Up crew. Boy, can this guy draw! Go and check out his web site at ...



Nick Sung said...

That's Crazy! I've admired Marcos' work for a long time, but knew nothing about him.

Thanks so much for posting, and the link!
Very exciting, indeed.

louisingals50796681 said...

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Arri. said...

Yupiiiiiiiiiii Que alegria saber q vas a postear aqui.

I will came always for see what you see and draw is so inspiring this exercise !!!

moocurtis said...

marcos was always a pleasure to work with, very inspiring, talented, fast, and above all, humble! Go, Marcos, go! it is good to see others appreciate your work too!