Monday, September 12, 2005


I'm so ashamed! Here Stephen does a wonderful full-bodied, full-colored sketch of this guy, and I have the embarrasing task of posting my Post-it drawing.

Just to let everyone know, Stephen captured every aspect of this guy, I didn't even come close. As a matter of fact, his drawing is so acurate, I'm sure photos of this guy don't look as much like him as does this caricature.



Anonymous said...

Checking different Blogs to get ideas for mine,Viet Nam in Pictures , I'm just putting it together and trying to get ideas of how others are laid out. Mine covers areas such as jane fonda viet nam and similar subjects. I stopped at yours 'cuz I liked the way you did it. Good Job ! ---Jack---

Arri. said...

Yupiiiiiiiiiii !!!
Since 08 of september I was coming here for see your drawing and at the end the surprise...and what a surpraise, I like it a lot the expresion.

Thanks for posting marcelo and stephen!!!

Tan said...

Hoho what a funny Character! Reminds me of one of my teachers from way back. MAybe it was him...

Love your work! I'll be checking in more often!