Friday, May 25, 2012

Sketchclub update...

Here's the mark for this week. I'm certain the hair was darker, but my lay-in color looked so nice, I decided to keep it.

This week, Mark McDonnell showed up to draw with us at Sketchclub -- hadn't seen him in a little while. Gosh, his sketchbook looked so good, I'm sure we'll be seeing yet another book from him. Really funny drawings, he had me in stitches!

And... new comer Natalie Hall joined our club for the first time. Wow, this girl can draw.

And, it looks like the very talented Kendra Melton is going to be working a gig in New York for a stint. Hopefully we'll be seeing lots of New York drawings on her blog.



Glennard said...

Oooooooo so nice! And whats this?! Kendra is New York bound?

Marcelo Vignali said...

Yep, Kendrda's going to the Big Apple. She's all growed up now.