Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Bygone Era

We immediately zeroed in on this kid, he just stood out like a shining beacon from a bygone era -- a forgotten time when kids were wholesome and innocent. It's like he stepped off the set of Leave it to Beaver -- before Eddie Haskell moved to the neighborhood.

No nose ring, tattoos or piercings, no skull T-shirt, studded belt or ripped up jeans. I'll bet if I picked him up by his ankles and gave him a shake, bubble gum, baseball cards and his mom's grocery list would fall out of his pockets.


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Unknown said...

A great idea! I'm in Manhattan and I go out for a very long walk (3 miles) about 3 times a week for lunch. I pass through different neighborhoods and see all sorts of characters.

I had an idea to find one person who stood out to me and sketch them as soon as I return to the office. Of course, doing this as a group sounds like a lot more fun and great motivation to complete.

I've added your blog to my google reader so I can enjoy your progress!