Monday, May 21, 2007

Bouncer for a Mortuary?

What the heck did this guy do for a living? He looked like a bouncer for a mortuary...if a mortuary ever needed a bouncer.


Craig Harris said...

Aright man....this is great!! He would probably be checking ID's at the door and say something along the lines of "Are you sure you're dead?" or "Hey!! You're not dead...get outta heeerree!!" Good one Marcelo!!

Jeremy Spears said...

Nice, this guy is a character...awesome!!!!

Shuku said...

*CACKLES* Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, I love this guy. He looks like Papa Legba's bouncer. Or, actually, like he could be one of Mr. Big's bodyguards (Mr. Big, in Fleming's 'Live and Let Die' He fits a 007 villainish profile!)

If he bounced at a cemetary he'd be the one going, 'Skeleton -nuttin'- mah foot, yo' jus' barrel on out now an' git back when yo's decomposed 'nuff! An' NO sneakin' some zombie in!'