Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sketchclub Guest Fil Barlow

Greetings everyone. We have a special treat for you, special Sketchclub guest Fil Barlow!

Well known in the industry for his work on the comic book Zooniverse, various animated cartoons...too many to count, and the character designer for the celebrated CG animated series Starship Troopers.

Hopefully, Fil will come and join the rest of the Sketchclub crew when his busy schedule allows it. Stay tuned...or should I say, "Stay Zooned!"

--The Sketchclub Management


Skribbl said...

I love Fil Barlow!!! Let me know when he comes over for lunch so I can meet him!! Please???? Oh it's Jeff Ranjo BTW.

David Colman said...

tell Fil hello for me next time you see him

Bruce Walshe said...

Hi My name is Bruce Walshe I worked with Fil Barlow many years
ago and want get in touch with him again in regard to some character designs
he did for me. I have sent an email via his Artopia address however I have
not received a reply and thought that he may not get that message. I tracked
your name down via internet links through zoonimedia and wanted to know if
you are able to get in touch with him.