Friday, February 17, 2006

"Disperse, or you will be arrested!"

First, I would like to apologize to Seth and Noelle. Originally, we all agreed to draw a different "mark" ... but then Marcos and I went to get some coffee and our Sketchclub crew separated. It was then that Marcos and I came upon a live film set on the street.

Honestly, how could we pass up on this opportunity? Apparently, the Culver City courthouse was turned into the Hollywood Police Department for a taping of CBS's Criminal Minds. With a laser beam's precision, Marcos spotted this sexy detective. It was then we took the liberty of choosing a different "mark" other than the one we had already chosen with Noelle and Seth.

It took a few minutes of preparation, and then the director called out, "ACTION!" A couple was escorted out to their car under a swarm of photographers. The couple climbs into the car and this police woman jumps in-between the photographers and the couple and flashes her badge! She barks out orders demanding that they disperse ... or they'll be arrested. Tough talk!

Marcos and I took our mental snapshots and headed back to the office.


1 comment:

Mark McDonnell said...

Love it man. Love the lens flare off of the badge too. And what a great stylized . . .but still pretty face. Nicely handled.