Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Going To The Movies ...

When the Sketchclub executives made their mark, this kid sensed it right way. Or, it could have been the fact that all three of us had our noses pressedd up against the glass as we looked him over from top to bottom. Yeah, that was probably it.

A little while ago, someone asked why so much Photoshop? As opposed to what? You mean there's another way to do art? Hmmm, we must look into this. "Figby, make a note of this, and fax the other executives. We need a meeting right away."

Currently, I just got set up with a Cintiq here at work, so it's almost like a traditional set up. As a matter of fact, this is the first drawing I produced entirely on the Cintiq ... from drawing to color.


PS, Stephen's out sick, so welcome him back when he starts posting again.


Mark McDonnell said...

Beautiful DIGITAL sketch Marcelo. Love the BG frame as well. Very nice.


Anonymous said...

I check out your guys blog all the time, don't think that I'm being critical of your abilities, Marcelo your website and blogsite are truly great, It just seemed to me that the character designs on your blog have had more use of Photoshop since you began this blog, not just from you but from everyone, theres nothing wrong with that, but I'm just stating my gets a bit heavy, I think this blogging thing is a great way to get feedback on artwork, if you just want me to say the same thing that everyone else does then that is fine...Beautiful...Great!!! I just figured I could ask you a question about why you do things the certain way you do...I guess I asked it the wrong way. Feel free to leave critical messages on my blog, I would love to hear things I could do to improve my work from an experienced professional such as yourself.


Sketch Club said...


Thanks for penning your thoughts, I really appreciate them. Also, send me a link to your site and I'll go and check it out.

There was no offense taken on my part, your question as to "why so much digital" is a fair and legitimate question. My answer was simple a tongue-in-cheek way of saying, "Traditional art is all but dead within our industry." Coming from a traditional background myself, and having had to be dragged kicking and screaming from my drafting table to the computer in order to remain relevant within my respective industry of employment, I couldn't agree with you more. Doing things digitally is a way I can practive my digital craft and do some experimentation.

I would have to answer your question with this answer, I already know how to craft artwork traditionally, so the more practical application of the memory sketch exercise is to make it more relevant to my immediate circumstances ... hence the digital approach.

It's a shame, but alas in this industry we must adapt or become irrelevant. There are plenty of guys that haven't been able to make the switch. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with traditional art, but rather that's just the current market trend for now.

I had been toying with the thought of bringing my watercolor set from home, but then I starting thinking that perhaps I should find out how to create that "look" in Photoshop or Painter. I already know how to do it traditionally, so the emphasis would be to learn how to do it on the computer.

All in all, drawing, painting and exercises like the Sketchclub, are ways to envigorate and maintain the love of the craft. It's fun, and I want to keep it fun. There is no rule we have to do things digitally, but for me it helps me to make drawing and painting on the computer more fun.

Years ago, an art teacher gave our class a great piece of advice. He said, "Drawing in your sketchbook should never become painful." It's good advice, and I've adopted the same approach for the Sketchclub.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply. I'm glad no hard feelings, I got a little scared there, don't want to piss you off. I really admire your characters and I will continue to keep up with you guys at sketchclub.

Some friends and I from work and a few other illustrators from around the LA area have been doing a character design a week on and off for awhile now, blogging has been a great way to put our stuff up.
I wish I could come and draw with you guys someday! That would be cool! My blog is